ADM Biopolis trusts ADVENTIA PHARMA to enter the specialized clinical nutrition market

20 de November de 2019

The Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory, ADVENTIA PHARMA, is the first pharmaceutical laboratory to offer a complete diet of specialized clinical nutrition with Bifidobacterium lactis BPL1.

With the introduction of the bifidobacterium BPL1 in Adventia's new specific diet for surgical patients with energy restriction, the company ADM Biopolis, owned by the multinational agri-food company Archer Daniels Midland Co. and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), gives its first step into this segment of the healthcare market.

Adventia Pharma begins the commercialization of a new specialized clinical nutrition diet, designed to meet the nutritional needs of surgical patients requiring energy restriction, as are mainly those that require specific pre-surgical nutritional treatment to reduce the risk of the intervention due to their clinical condition.

Faced with the requirements of this type of pre-surgical treatment, in continuous growth and in which on average it is required that patients achieve a loss of between 5% and 10% of their weight before surgery, Adventia Pharma and ADM Biopolis worked jointly for the incorporation of the bifidobacterium BPL1 in the specific diet.

Developed by ADM Biopolis y denominado como Bifidobacterium lactis BPL1, this probiotic has scientific evidence that demonstrates reduction of visceral abdominal fat, in addition to having shown an improvement in blood pressure, insulin resistance and the composition of the microbiome in obese patients.

Once the product development objective and its launch have been reached, Adventia Pharma becomes the first pharmaceutical laboratory to offer a complete diet of specialized clinical nutrition with lactic ferments, while ADM Biopolis takes its first step in this market segment Of the health.

Both companies are determined to continue advancing hand in hand and in the opinion of Daniel Ramón Vidal, Vice President of R&D for Health & Wellness at ADM, “The introduction of BPL1 in such a product as it is in that diet represents an important milestone for ADM Biopolis. For us, specialized clinical nutrition is essential to understand the future of microbiome-based solutions. So we are really proud to have worked together with Adventia Pharma”.

For her part, Carmen Monente Ramos, Adventia Product Development Manager, highlighted that “Every day there is more scientific evidence that supports the benefits of probiotics on health, the possibility of incorporating them into specialized clinical nutrition represents an innovative and positive advance for the dietary treatment of our patients. Doing so, also with the help of ADM Biopolis, a leading and internationally recognized company in its sector has given us the confidence to take this step.

About diet

Complete normocaloric and hyperprotein diet with probiotics, extra virgin olive oil, prebiotic fiber, with additional contribution of leucine and ω3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), for the dietary management of surgical patients who require energy restriction and with increased protein needs.

About Adventia Pharma

Adventia Pharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory whose activity is based on the research, development, manufacture and commercialization of products for specialized medical use known for providing solutions that improve the quality of life of patients.

Adventia's product range focuses on diets and specialized medical nutrition solutions, complemented with specific products for the treatment of skin subjected to radio and chemotherapy and multivitamin complexes indicated for the recovery of patients undergoing bariatric surgery.


About ADM Biopolis

The core of ADM Biopolis is to find, design and develop microorganisms for industrial purposes and related to health and well-being. To develop innovative products, ADM Biopolis R&D relies on a series of harmonized and interconnected research platforms.

The goal of ADM Biopolis is to understand the complex relationship between microbiome and health. Their sequencing technology has enabled them to identify and understand this microbial diversity. In this way, ADM Biopolis addresses the development of microbial solutions in a comprehensive manner.


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