ADVENTIA PHARMA expands its activity to treat the skin of cancer patients

22 de January de 2019

The Adventia pharmaceutical laboratory acquires the exclusive worldwide license for Tectum SkinCare ©, developed for the skin of patients receiving radiochemotherapy.

Adventia Pharma takes a new step in the provision of innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of cancer patients.  The Spanish pharmaceutical company has acquired the Tectum SkinCare©, license from Ultragenesia Invex, indicated for the specific treatment of the skin and mucosa of patients undergoing radiotherapy.

Radiation severely damages the DNA of the skin's germ cells, which lose their ability to regenerate, leading to radiodermatitis. Tectum SkinCare © includes in its formulation compounds such as the patented GSE-4 peptide that stabilizes and repairs DNA and the growth factor TGF-β, which helps restructure connective tissue. All these ingredients have proven their efficacy in the dermatological treatment of radiotherapy, demonstrating their role in the preparation, repair and protection of the skin subjected to radiotherapy treatments.

This purchase reinforces Adventia's strategy that ensures the care of cancer patients in all its facets, since Adventia's specialized medical nutrition formulations now join the line of skin care and protection. In both cases, lines closely linked to providing solutions for the quality of life of cancer patients.

According to the CEO, Alfonso Almeida, of Adventia Pharma for Spain

“The purchase of Tectum by Adventia represents the diversification of the business, expanding the range of products focused on cancer patients always aimed at improving their quality of life; in this case of your skin. A novel line

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