Bi1 Procare is positioned as the most appropriate diet for cancer patients by adapting to the ESPEN 2017 and SEOM 2019 guidelines

3 de May de 2019

On March 23, Adventia Pharma organized a training session for oncology nursing on updating in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of malnutrition in cancer patients in Lerma (Burgos).

The main objective of the day was to carry out a updating and training on malnutrition in cancer patients. Its prevalence and clinical impact, its early detection through nutritional screening, its diagnosis through the GLIM 2018 criteria, as well as the selection of the most appropriate nutritional treatment (ruling out those that are not specific and that do not meet the recommendations for cancer patients). ), were the key points of this day.

In this frame, Bi1 Procare it showed as the most suitable diet for cancer patients, Since it conforms to the Clinical Nutrition Guidelines for Oncology Patients of ESPEN 2017 (European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism) and SEOM 2019 (Spanish Society of Medical Oncology).

Las Guías Clínicas de Nutrición en Paciente Oncológico de ESPEN 2017 y de SEOM 2019 recomiendan fórmulas hipercalóricas e hiperprotéicas con bajo aporte de hidratos de carbono y un contenido adecuado de EPA y DHA. Bi1 Procare ha sido diseñada y formulada siguiendo estas recomendaciones y cubre las necesidades nutricionales del paciente oncológico en cualquier etapa de su enfermedad y tratamiento antineoplásico que reciba quimioterapia, radioterapia o cirugía.

The speaker, Dr. Alicia Calleja, highlighted the importance of early and specific detection and treatment of malnutrition in cancer patients: "gguaranteeing an adequate nutritional status of cancer patients is a key aspect to improve tolerance to antineoplastic treatments, improve their quality of life and increase their survival ".

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