The customization of flavors in clinical nutrition diets is now possible

8 de March de 2019

Adventia, the first pharmaceutical laboratory to offer a pack of aromas to modify and modulate the taste of the diets of the patients' choice.

Health professionals have long emphasized that patients on enteral nutrition diets get tired of the flavors of diets and this has a negative impact on compliance.

Faced with this need, the Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory Adventia has developed the range of products Bi1 Aromas. Una gama de saborización de dietas que hace posible que los pacientes decidan "el sabor" y la "intensidad" de su dieta en cada momento.

Depending on the type of diet, the patient may choose different flavors at all times. For its launch, in the case of liquid diets on vanilla, Adventia offers the aromas of banana, orange, caramel, rice pudding, biscuit and berries, and in the case of thickeners the proposed aromas are grape, lemon, strawberry , melon and orange.

This novelty thus offers independence and decision-making capacity to patients in order to favor compliance with treatment, which in turn facilitates the work of medical professionals.

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