Bi1 aminomix

Amino Acid Mix Module

Lemon 100 sachets x 7 g
C.I. 504949

ūüĒī According to RD 1205/2010 in the indications marked by RD 1030/2006

Amino Acid Mix Module

Indicated for the dietary management of patients in situations that require an additional supply of protein in the form of amino acids and that cannot be achieved with a regular diet.
  • Dissolve the content of the sachet (7 g) in 150 ml of water, mix/shake until the powder dissolves.
  • Consume immediately.
  • Discard if not used within 12 hours of preparation.

Amino acids (L-Glutamine 5 g, L-Arginine 0.4 g, L-Leucine 0.2 g, L-Lysine 0.14 g, L-Valine 0.1 g, L-Isoleucine 0.1 g, L- Threonine 0.09 g, L-Proline 0.08 g, L-Histidine 0.07 g, L-Phenylalanine 0.06 g, L-Glycine 0.05 g, L-Serine 0.05 g, L-Tyrosine 0 0.05 g, L-Alanine 0.04 g, L-Cystine 0.04 g, L-Methionine 0.04 g, L-Tryptophan 0.04 g, Taurine 0.02 g), concentrated lemon juice, lemon aroma .

Energy100 g7 g*
Energy value387 kcal27 kcal
 1619 kJ113 kJ
Fat, of which0 g0 g
Hidratos de Carbono, de los cuales2,8 g0,2 g
- Sugars1,4 g0,1 g
Proteína94 g6,6 g
Salt0 g0 g

*One sachet (7g)

Energy value
1619 kj / 387 kcal
Fat, of which
0 g
- Saturated acids
0 g
Carbohydrates, of which
2,8 g
- Sugars
1,4 g
93,9 g
0 g
  • Exclusive use for enteral nutrition.
  • Parenteral use is prohibited.
  • Use under medical supervision.
  • This product cannot be used as the sole source of food.
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