Bi1 protein

Protein module.

1 can x 400 g
6 cans x 400 g

Caja de 100 sobres x 10 g

C.I. 505022
C.I. 504888
C.I. 505298
ūüĒī According to RD 1205/2010 in the indications marked by RD 1030/2006

Protein module.

Indicated for the dietary management of patients who require an additional supply of protein and cannot meet their needs in the normal diet.
  • Dissolve the content of two measuring spoons of Bi1 protein (10 g) in 200 ml of any liquid food (juices, infusions, broth, puree or porridge).
  • Mix until complete dissolution.

Whey protein isolate. lactosuero.

Energy100 g10 g*
Energy value371 kcal37 kcal
 1552 kJ155 kJ
Fat, of which1,0 g0,10 g
- Saturated acids0,20 g0,02 g
Hidratos de Carbono, de los cuales0,40 g0,04 g
- Sugars0,40 g0,04 g
Proteína90 g9,0 g
Salt0,63 g0,06 g
Minerals100 g10 g
Sodium250 mg25 mg
Potassium 27 mg2,7 mg
Calcium516 mg52 mg
Phosphorus250 mg25 mg
Iron0,31 mg0,03 mg
Zinc0,12 mg0,01 mg
* Two measuring spoons (9 g of protein)
Energy value
154 kj / 35,9 kcal
Fat, of which
0,10 g
- Saturated acids
0,02 g
Carbohydrates, of which
0,04 g
- Sugars
0,04 g
0 g
8,71 g
0,06 g
25,0 mg
2,70 mg
51,6 mg
25 mg
0,03 mg
0,01 mg
* Two measuring spoons (8.71 g of protein)
  • Exclusive use for enteral nutrition.
  • Parenteral use is prohibited.
  • Use under medical supervision.
  • This product cannot be used as the sole source of food.
  • Not suitable for galactosemics. Contains milk. leche.
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