ADVENTIA organized a session on the importance of the correct nutritional approach in stroke patients and the early detection and management of dysphagia

29 de March de 2019

Last 28th of march Adventia organized a session on “nutritional intervention in stroke patients and detection and management of dysphagia” en Denia in which about fifteen attendees participated.

The purpose of the session was to bring together health professionals from different fields, most of them belonging to the specialty of neurology, in order to review the different methods of diagnosis and intervention in patients with stroke, giving special importance to the early detection of dysphagia since a third of these patients die in the first year due to aspiration pneumonias.

The main objectives of this session were, on the one hand, that professionals from different sectors meet, update and at the same time exchange different ways of acting depending on the means that each hospital offers for the management of the stroke patient. On the other hand, publicize our thickener with aromas by conducting a practical workshop with them so that they can assess the quality of the product and may be of interest to them in future nutritional treatments.

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