ADVENTIA PHARMA, the first pharmaceutical laboratory to offer cardboard packaging to replace plastic for all its oral clinical nutrition formulations

28 de May de 2019

The complex problem of plastic pollution and the alarming consequences it has for the environment imply the necessary action of all the productive sectors linked to packaging and waste generated by this material. In the case of the health sector, the use of single-use plastic is widely extended as a means to ensure the necessary conditions of safety and asepsis. Nevertheless, in many cases plastic has become widespread in treatments in which its use is not really necessary. This is the case of clinical nutrition, a discipline aimed at treating nutritional and metabolic changes related to acute or chronic diseases, in which pharmaceutical laboratories have traditionally placed their liquid formulations in single-use plastic containers.

More than 40 million plastic containers for liquid and tube diets are distributed annually for the intake of these treatments in Spain. Single-use containers whose contaminating effect has not been considered by the vast majority of laboratories until now.

However, the demand for greater environmental coherence by the population is significantly affecting the food sector and in the case of clinical nutrition, pharmaceutical laboratories face the challenge of providing, not only safety and efficacy in their treatments, but also means for a responsible and sustainable use of them.

On this way, Adventia Pharma has taken a step that broadens the concept of “quality of life for the patient” by being today the only clinical nutrition laboratory that offers all its oral diet formulations in carton packs.. Developed in direct collaboration with the company Tetra Pak®, Adventia thus takes a step forward by involving the "pharma sector" in providing solutions that, in addition to ensuring maximum safety and efficacy of treatments, is concerned with having solutions with a much more positive environmental impact. The container developed for all Adventia Bi1 oral diets is the Tetra Brik® Aseptic Edge, a container that has several layers of protection that provide vital protection against oxygen and light, which keeps the organoleptic properties intact and protects against environmental humidity.

Alfonso Almeida, Manager of Adventia Pharma, stressed that this commitment to the environment "is a new example of the agility with which our company is capable of introducing innovations in specialized medical nutrition and our position as the Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory that offers the fastest new solutions to the needs of this sector ”.

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