ADVENTIA PHARMA, protagonist of the International Day of Gastric Cancer held at the MD Anderson Cancer Center

29 de November de 2019

The lack of a single protocol for patient follow-up and the absence of specialists after the sequelae that the disease brings, some of the shortcomings that the Association of Gastric Cancer and Gastrectomized Patients (ACCGG) revealed during the day.

On the occasion of International Gastric Cancer Day held every November 28, the national meeting of specialists and industry organized by ACCGG with the collaboration of MD Anderson Cancer Center and Adventia Pharma took place in Madrid.

More than 7,800 new patients are affected each year by gastric cancer and health professionals shared information on current treatments to access this type of tumors.

The president of the ACCGG, Pilar Ruiz, in turn highlighted the role of the association in helping patients and families since the lack of a follow-up protocol after gastrectomy and the lack of information are some of the shortcomings for the that demand a solution.

Adventia Pharma participated in the conference by exposing its work in support of the creation of ACCGG and its continuity. According to Dr. Tamara Casañas, director of the medical department of the Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory, “from the beginning the philosophy of our company is to contribute with solutions that improve the quality of life of patients, so the success of the Association is the confirmation that our model of listening to patients works ”.

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