ADVENTIA, first pharmaceutical laboratory with Tetra Pak carton packs in clinical nutrition formulations

21 de October de 2016

Adventia is the first pharmaceutical laboratory to use cardboard packaging and renewable materials for enteral nutrition products.

In this way, the containers of Adventia's Bi1 liquid formulations incorporate a container whose material also allows them a greater respect for the environment compared to the plastic containers of other laboratories.

This material also allows them to have a more comfortable and secure angled upper part, effectively designed to improve grip, direct intake and pouring of its contents.

TetraPack containers represent an added advantage as they have an easy-to-open one-step cap and an intelligent layering system that acts as a barrier to oxygen, temperature and light, thus keeping the organoleptic properties intact. In this way, the nutritional quality of the food is preserved, protecting it from environmental humidity, without the need for refrigeration.

Adventia's containers have been certified by the Swedish Rheumatism Association (SRA), which has recognized their ease of opening, closing and handling, being suitable for the specific needs of people with limited hand strength, of people of older age and of those suffering from diseases related to rheumatism.

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