Short bowel syndrome: it is the alteration of the anatomy or the function of the intestine that leads to a decreased absorption of nutrients with a high risk of malnutrition. SIC can appear in patients who have undergone intestinal surgeries with resection of several segments, either due to tumor processes or vascular alterations (intestinal ischemia). It can also be secondary to alterations in function due to problems in the intestine (enteropathies), but this is less frequent. In SIC there is no surface to carry out the main functions of the intestine such as hydration and absorption of nutrients from the diet.
Malnutrition is very common in pathologies that involve the digestive tract, such as short bowel syndrome, chronic pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel diseases, among others.
In this pathology it is very important to control hydration because they usually have rapid intestinal transit and an increased number of bowel movements. They normally require oral supplementation to maintain a correct nutritional status, with hydrolyzed proteins (oligomeric supplements) and substances that are absorbed quickly such as medium chain triglycerides (MCT) being appropriate, especially in the early phase of SBS. . Bi1 peptidic and Bi1 pepticare are oligomeric diets (with highly hydrolyzed protein), with high MCT content and enriched with omega-3 that could be indicated in this type of patient.
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