The pharmaceutical ADVENTIA PHARMA wins the SME of the Year award

22 de November de 2019

The Chamber of Commerce of Gran Canaria, Banco Santander and LA PROVINCIA recognize the work of five companies from Las Palmas.

The research work of the pharmaceutical company Adventia Pharma, which dedicates 10% of its staff to research and development tasks, has been awarded the 2019 SME of the Year award awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Gran Canaria and Banco Santander, in collaboration with THE PROVINCE and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain. A recognition to which four second prizes were added, which recognized the generation of wealth and employment carried out by small and medium-sized companies in Gran Canaria.

In total, 36 companies presented themselves to this contest, the winners of which were announced yesterday at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In addition to choosing Adventia Pharma as the SME that will represent the Canary Islands in the national final -which will be held in the first quarter of 2020-, the award for internationalization was awarded to Ingeniería de Protecciones y Control Eléctrico S.L. (Iprocel); MHP Servicios de Control S.L. won in the category of innovation and digitization; Top Car received second prize for training and employment; and, finally, Elmasa Tecnología del Agua S.A. was recognized for its social responsibility.

Investment in R&D

Andrés Cabello, Director of Technological Development at Adventia Pharma, considers that the SME of the Year award recognizes the innovation model of a company that has always bet on seeking different solutions to those already existing in a sector highly penetrated by multinationals to which it is very difficult to steal market share, something that can only be done "on the basis of a differentiated product, with a superior quality and with different arguments," said Cabello. "From the beginning we looked for a niche where we could become strong, we attacked some aspects that large companies were leaving aside and, above all, we focused a lot on the patient, who is our client, on their needs, preferences and requirements that it doesn't have cutlery because that's the engine that drives us on our way. "

The R&D of this company with nine years of life and 70 employees is essential, since it has its own industrial designs and patents, buys licenses from third parties and carries out research projects with the first national health centers, while collaborating with a large medical team to develop its products, said Cabello.

In 1995, the award-winning company for its internationalization, Iprocel S.L., was created, which has been carrying out engineering projects in the field of energy abroad for more than two decades. Justo Nuez, its CEO, explained that it was five years ago when they consolidated an extensive network of eight subsidiaries located in Canada, the United States, Mexico, South Africa, Morocco and Israel. "We develop more than 40 projects with renewable energies for which we use personnel and resources from these locations," reported Nuez, adding that the company "does something worthwhile, with a lot of interest and added value," a project in which more than 400 people work.

Involvement with society is the strong point of Elmasa Tecnología del Agua S.A., which is about to complete half a century of existence, has 40 employees and is the main patron of the Foundation Amurga. Luis Azcona, responsable de Asuntos Corporativos, explicó que llevan más de una década realizando acciones centradas en el medio ambiente. Cuentan con un convenio firmado con el Jardín Botánico Canario "Viera y Clavijo", han otorgado becas para la formación y la investigación a unas 50 entidades por un valor de casi medio millón de euros y además tienen un fuerte compromiso contra el cambio climático. "Ahora, nuestro proyecto estrella es 'En busca del agua', que recorre los municipios de la Isla para concienciar a los niños sobre la necesidad de controlar su uso", explicó Azcona.

The manager of MHP Servicios de Control, S.L., Moisés Hernández, was proud of the important commitment to innovation made by this company, which is mainly dedicated to providing time control services, with terminals manufactured in the Canary Islands and its own technology. "We develop the software and both the communication systems and the management platforms are ours; We are very committed to digitizing not only the company, but also the customers. "MHP was created in 1995 and has 80 people working in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany.

Finally, Top Car, S.L. was recognized for her work in training and employment. Created in the 1980s, it began at the Gran Canaria airport, but in recent years it has spread to the rest of the aerodromes. "We have 150 workers and, despite the fact that we have grown 200% in recent years, far from reducing the workforce we have been creating permanent employment and changing the outsourcing system carried out by other companies because we consider it to be personnel. the one that contributes the quality to the service ", assured the CEO of Top Car, Rafael Cabral.

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