At Adventia Pharma, we are the first to bet on quality packaging that preserves the best raw materials used for our diets for longer.
Benefits of use 
Tetra Brik 
Cold-free maintenance
It does not need refrigeration for distribution and storage, being stable and efficient in energy terms, thus providing a longer useful life for the product.
Easy to use
The container does not need to be lifted off the surface for pouring making it easier to use and more efficient to pour.
More ergonomic
Bi1's Tetra Brick Edge Aseptic has an angled top, allowing more room for your fingers, making the plug easier to grasp or manipulate, and allowing more direct access when consuming its contents.
Better preservation
Hold on in the dark until
10 days. In just one day of
exposure to light, the presence of Vitamin B2 is only reduced by 9% compared to 45% in pet.
Adventia Pharma's Bi1 containers have been approved and certificates by the Swedish Rheumatism Association (SRA) for its comfortable handling and easy opening of the cap.
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