Tetra Pak incorporates Adventia Pharma as a client and expands with Pascual

20 de April de 2020

Tetra Pak Iberia has incorporated the pharmaceutical firm to its client portfolio Adventia Pharma, which has chosen its packaging for various clinical nutrition products such as shakes, food supplements, etc.. The most recent has been 'Bi1 Procare', which brings out its range in packaging 'Tetra Brik Aseptic Edge', 200 ml, with HeliCap 23 wide pour cap. Among the reasons why Adeventia Pharma has chosen this container are the better maintenance of the product without refrigeration, more ergonomics, an easy-to-open cap and convenient pouring, and better preservation by protecting the product from light and air.

The pharmaceutical company has also taken into account the environmental profile of the container, recyclable and with a high percentage of raw materials of vegetable origin (cardboard from responsible sources and other controlled sources (FSC seal), thus helping to reduce carbon emissions in the life cycle of the container. This container model has an angled top which allows for more space making the cap easier to grasp or manipulate and allowing more direct access when consuming its contents, they say in a statement .

Pascual launches its UHT milk range in a more sustainable container

Furthermore, the dairy firm Calidad Pascual launches the new ‘Tetra Brik Aseptic Bio-based’ packaging, made from sugar cane and FSC cardboard, which comes from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. It is therefore the first 'Tetra Brik' for UHT milk with 89% of materials from renewable sources. In addition, the cap of the new container is also made from sugar cane, replacing the previous one of fossil origin. The brand thus reflects its commitment to sustainability, reducing its environmental impact. The new packaging will be used in the range of Classic Paschal Milk (whole, semi and skimmed) and without Lactose.

As Víctor Córdoba, General Director of the Pascual Quality Dairy Business Unit points out, “the company's efforts to reduce our environmental impact in each phase of our value chain, from the care of the cows to the packaging of our products, responds directly to the company's purpose: to improve people's quality of life by adding value to the communities where we are present. It is not worth selling milk in any way. We work to guarantee animal welfare in our farms and thus offer the consumer the highest quality milk in a sustainable container ”.

Aware that 81% of people believe that the conservation of the environment is an immediate and urgent problem, for María de las Cruces Córdoba, responsible for Engineering and Development of Pascual Quality Containers and Packaging, “the greatest achievement is to put into the market for packaging that minimizes the environmental impact in its life cycle. Maintaining functionality and recyclability, at Pascual we manage to use materials that come from renewable sources: sugar cane and cardboard from responsible forests ”.

For his part, Ramiro Ortiz, General Director of Tetra Pak Iberia, affirms that “today we see that consumers are increasingly committed to caring for the planet, choosing brands that prove to be respectful with the environment. Nowadays, 91% of consumers already say they look for badges that confirm the environmental commitment of the products when they buy. Our plant-based polymers are fully traceable, which means that they can be traced back to their true origin, sugar cane. We believe that plant-based raw materials play a key role in achieving a low-carbon circular economy. In the future, our ambition is that all the polymers that we use are made of materials of vegetal origin ”.

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