ADVENTIA PHARMA and the Hospital La Paz Research Institute develop nutritional supplements for cancer patients

4 de December de 2018

Adventia Pharma, Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in medical nutrition, leads the Research and Development project for cancer patients, ALISENOC, which will significantly improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

The research quality of ALISENOC has led it to be part of the Exhibition on 'Research, Science, Technology and Innovation' that is held until January 20 at the National Museum of Science and Technology of A Coruña on the occasion of the commemorative events of the 40th Anniversary of the Constitution.

The Exhibition was inaugurated yesterday by the Minister of Science, Innovation and University, Pedro Duque, who knew first-hand the objectives of Adventia Pharma.

Today, existing diets for cancer patients do not provide nutrients that, however, have been shown to have a positive effect on the dietary treatment of cancer, both to modulate pathophysiological aspects of the disease and to mitigate the symptoms of cancer or those derived from treatment. However, these compounds have not been able to be incorporated until now in a comprehensive way in the diets of patients due to the instability of these substances to heat treatment and the digestion process.

In addition, current diets neglect the taste of the product, which has been shown to make it difficult for patients to comply with treatment. 

These limitations are those that Adventia Pharma and the Research Institute of La Paz University Hospital (IdiPAZ) have set themselves the objective of overcoming thanks to the joint development of new diets that will include, in addition to the necessary macro and micronutrients, an innovative combination of ingredients with effects Beneficial bioactives to recover and maintain the nutritional health of cancer patients that are also pleasant for them.

These nutritional supplements will be rich in proteins of biological value with a mixture of vegetable and fish oils to cover the requirements of essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3, as well as a contribution of monounsaturated fats related to cardiovascular protection. In addition, they will have soluble fiber with prebiotic activity to recover and strengthen the microbiotaintestinal.

For its scientific validation, in addition to the coordination of clinical trials by the doctor Carmen Gómez Candela of the SUMA Project Instituto de Investigación del Hospital Universitario La Paz (IdiPAZ), también colaboran en ALISENOC, el Instituto Tecnológico de la Industria Agroalimentaria (AINIA) y el Aula de Productos Lácteos y Tecnologías Alimentarias (APLTA) de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

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