The malnutrition in cancer it has a very high prevalence, with 15-40% of tumors associated with malnutrition at the time of diagnosis and more than 80% when the disease is advanced.

There are many factors in cancer that affect nutritional status, there is a decrease in intake, an increase in requirements and a greater loss of nutrients.
Oncological cachexia
The concept of malnutrition in cancer goes beyond a decrease in intake and weight loss, as it also encompasses a process of chronic systemic inflammation, metabolic changes (insulin resistance) and sarcopenia.
El Nutritional support must cover the specific needs of the patient with oncological cachexia, so it will have to meet the following characteristics:

- Concentrated (hypercaloric and hyperprotein)
- Well accepted (that favors its intake)
- Reduce or control the inflammatory state (high doses of omega-3)
- Promote muscle development (high biological value protein and branched chain amino acids, such as L-leucine)
- Adequate glycemic control (low carbohydrate intake, no added simple sugars)
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